Support & Maintenance

The need to maintain the smooth of all information systems is fundamental to guarantee productivity levels of your business.

We Provide offers an expert team for computer maintenance and for problems resolution.

Bet on a service which guarantees periodical visits of preventive and corrective maintenance, with reduced answer timeline to your solicitations.


Care Service and Support

  •  Computer Security Implementation
    • Implementation and Set up of Firewalls
    • Group Policies Implementation (who can consult and what? When customer structure supports this implementations)
    • VPN’s implementation (When customer structure supports this implementations)
    • Implementation and set up of VLAN’s (Branch offices, departments and offices interconnection.When customer structure supports this implementations)
    • Proxy’s & Content Filters Implementation (Who can consult and what?)
  • IT Systems Audit
  • IT applications support
    • Applications replacement, instalation and configuration (Operative systems, Productivity Suites, Anti-Virus, System Users.)
  • Problems diagnostic
    • Analysis of app’s and services logs
    • Analysis of hardware state across critical points check-lists for well operation
  • Computing security failures diagnosis
    • Analysis of security politics implemented
  • Implementation of Storage Backups System
    • Set up of Rotetive Local Backups or Remote Backups
    • Sert up of Integral Servers Backups Backups for Bare-metal restore
  • Infrastructure and network
    • Security (Cisco, Linux), solutions design, Installation, configuration, administration, migrations and Troubleshooting
  • Hardware (Servers, Desktop, notebooks, mobile devices)
    • Assembly, configuration and Troubleshooting.
  • Operative Systems Microsoft, Linux, Mac, Servers and Workstations
    • Update, optimization, Performance-Tuning and Troubleshooting.

Certified Team

Our team is in constantly training and have several certifications to offer you the best service. Some of our certifications: